Delight in Dancing

Collages2This is just totally Liza! First she finds the desired dress. Then we put on music and she dances. She actually has graceful arm movements for a 2-year-old (definitely didn’t get that from me!). Today she was dancing to Frozen soundtrack. Just something I want to remember … before she grows up too fast.

The Amazing Rain!

Can ya tell we don’t get a lot of rain ’round these parts?! The kids were most delighted!
jumping in the rain

love this rain

Best Miracle Spray for Sunburns

Remember when Abe had this sunburn?
We sprayed this Sunburn Spray on it soon after we realized he was burned.
The next day his burn hardly hurt.
He had one tinsy spot that peeled a week later.
But seriously. it helped so much.
I wanted to remember this natural sunburn healing spray that we love!
I’ve also seen recipes with 2 oz of Aloe Vera Juice which I would love to try as well.

This particular recipe comes from

Bountiful Utah Temple

IMG_3271 copyFriday we went to Bountiful to visit Grandma Price. We haven’t been to the Bountiful temple for a long time so we walked around the grounds. Grandpa was serving inside that very temple as a temple sealer/coordinator! So neat!

I felt bad that we were all in shorts (ready for the upcoming hike) but hopefully Heavenly Father was just glad the kiddos were there. I have to say they were quite well behaved too. The Bountiful temple is lovely… as are the grounds. I especially liked the roses!
I hope my children grow up to LOVE the temple! There is a special feeling there.

IMG_3274 copy1

Mueller Park Trail

07-july-201425I keep wanting to explore new paths outside this summer. I know Truman loves and glories in broader boundaries in the out-of-doors. This mini walk on Mueller Park Trail by the Bountiful Temple didn’t appeal to Truman once he heard we were in Black Bear Territory. For some reason he was quite scared and wouldn’t let go of Hannah’s hand the entire time. Usually he roams down every side path. We wandered up the trail for a bit. The kids and grandma sang ‘Give Said the Little Stream’ while waiting for me to pack up water bottles. The creek there is delightful! As we walked, Max sang, “My Heavenly Father Loves Me.” So super sweet!

p.s. I keep having more & more contractions this week (probably just braxton-hicks… but still). I think one more simple hike to Silver Lake on Saturday, and I’m going to have to call it quits until I have this babe in 3 or 4 weeks. Sigh…

Smith Family Eye Color

07 july 201426I thought it would be good family history documentation to share pictures of our eye color. It was harder than I thought to get the right lighting to brighten up those eyes (especially those of us with squinty eyes). The photos are what they are … when I learn how to use my camera smarter, I’ll retake them. I’m kinda hoping our babe will have my light blue eyes, since we have no other blue eyed kiddos. I do like each person’s eye color… so interesting that they are slightly different, even the hazel ones.

Interesting note: Sensitive eye people in our family = Mother, Abraham, and Truman. Sunglasses make life outside much better. I found a cheap pair of polarized glasses for this summer and it makes such a huge difference on the sun’s glare! Love them!!!

Temple Blessings

Last week I headed to the Mt. Timp temple for some peace… and quiet… and more peace. “Please help me know how to parent this 4-year-old” sort of prayer. “Please help me keep my head above water.”

This was a scripture that kept coming to mind… something I had shared in Relief Society the previous Sunday. As I feel the Love of God, I can share that Love with my family. Christ brings us rest and strengthens a weary heart!
ephesians 3 14 through 19

I happened to see the newest temple instruction film. I loved the music at the beginning… so jubilant and full of joy. JOY in CREATION! It mellowed a bit and the cellos came through with a message of peace and stillness. I walked out of the temple to see glorious light bursting through the trees. There is ALWAYS HOPE!
IMG_20140717_192650 copy

Tonight… I escaped to the temple. I ran away. Yes, it’s true. Running away to the temple can’t be a bad thing, can it? Seeking peace and answers to prayers and love. I went to Jordan River for a change. I was tired beyond tired and feeling really super gynormous pregnant… with a sciatic acting up. An older temple worker Sister was full of smiles as I came down the escalator as she exclaimed “You look adorable!” Bless her soul forever for lifting my spirits!
IMG_20140725_201135 copy1

The scripture I read while waiting was this…
alma 58 10 through 13I loved the POWER of the words… the testimony of prayer and deliverance from trials … the tender mercies & miracles in this chapter… the FAITH He will bless us with … the COURAGE and MIGHT that God will give us as we rely on Him. There is ALWAYS Hope!

This sunset greeted me as I drove past the ponds in the neighborhood. Sweet is the PEACE the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings!
IMG_20140725_203822 copy

Vintage Love from mother

IMG_3219 copyMy parents are preparing to downsize and have been going through things. These were a few gems I loved.
– Mom’s preschool bag she used when I was little. It has a zipper along the bottom (I’m guessing for the stabilizer board). It’s just cool… plus the vintage fabric is totally back in style now. Love this bag.
– Super Old Little Women. I remember the smell of this book when I read it as a little girl.
– Pollyanna. Such a classic read for girlies.
– Christmas books… love the vintage graphics.
– The Everything Book… has the lyrics to ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’ and lots of classic preschool finger plays. The graphics are so vintage… it’s a fun book to flip through.

DeMordaunts, Love, and Snow Cones

07 july 201423Amy & family stopped by for a quickie visit. Jim was just released from his mission and thus they headed to Idaho… and Utah from Arizona to spend time with family and to run errands at BYU for Jim. My kids know how much Amy loves them. It’s cute how much they adore her. Funny quote from Truman as Amy was giving them little wind-up car toys, “I will share these with my family… because in our family, we share!” (I guess he occasionally listens to guidance from parents)

The DeMordaunt boys helped set up for snow cones (including lashing the broken shelter). We said, “Au Revoir” and then did 2 hours of snow cones. It was hot! Téa came to help Hannah this time. Cute girls!
07 july 201422

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

IMG_3187 copyWe’ve got:
Truman: Captain Hook’s Apprentice
Hannah: Wendy
Liza: Tiger Lily
Max: Peter Pan (of course!)
Abe: Captain Hook the Fierce

I laid down in the morning after my shower and Hannah put together this acting group to put on the play of Peter Pan. I don’t know that the actual drama panned out, but they had a delightful time dressing up. Hannah rocks at putting together creative costumes.

07 july 201421Tiger Lily loved the Pixie Dust Glitter. She figured out how to open it and the kids delighted in the sparkle and shine on hands and hair.

Isn’t Max a cute Peter Pan?!
And last of all… sometimes I think I need to note that things are not always perfectly swell with 5 kids playing together. Tru was crying over the pictures or something. Liza was crying over possession of the pixie dust.

Thanks Miss Hannah for providing an uplifting and fun summer day activity!