Bridal Veil Falls Pizza Picnic

I’ve really been wanting to go to the mountains. I feel like hiking… like enjoying quiet, peaceful, cool mountain air.
A picnic at bridal veil falls the day after the 4th of July isn’t exactly peaceful or quiet (more like crowded).
But it was still pleasant to hear the creek and enjoy all the green trees!
The boys hiked as high as they could with Jimmy supervising. They came down dirty and happy!
Max exclaimed, “Thank you so much for bringing us here!”
Liza and Hannah dipped their toes in the freezing water.
Though Hannah wasn’t feeling well, she hung in there for the small hike on the trail.
I love summertime, warmth, cool breezes, green trees, the sound of waterfalls & creeks, & time in the mountains.

Happy Food Update

06-june-201423I’m about a month into my Gestational diabetes Diet. The first 2 weeks I was completely grouchy about not eating carbs. But finding fruits and proteins I enjoy has helped immensely. And I find that when I eat a good breakfast with protein, I really do feel better and have more energy. I also realize that I can get away with smaller portions when I eat more often. These are some of the greater delights I’ve enjoyed. Ok – so the french dip bun wasn’t low carb, but that meal actually fit within the 45 alloted carbs for a meal. Aren’t summer foods so colorful and great! We’re looking forward to zucchini and more veggies from our garden. It’s growing right along.

Independence Day 2014

water slide
a pretty mild day.
water slide in the backyard!
Tasty bbq lunch!
Festive 4th of July Music serenade by Hannah on the piano.
America Puzzles during quiet time.
Honey I shrunk the Kids movie.
Bubbles! Liza’s delight!
Mud Pie with Mint Chocolate Chip icecream. All the kids loved it!
Fireworks @ Harvest Hills over looking Thanksgiving Point.
Liza was excited until she realized the sound of Fireworks in the neighborhood was distressing.
Tru loved climbing on the car more than the fireworks. Well, perhaps!
Tired Kiddos!
Max declared, “I really love this day!”
16x20 united states no copyright

Freedom Festival Parade: Hannah’s Perspective

provo parade
Today I (hannah), went to the Provo Parade with my best friend Téa Randall. We left at 4:30 am, and set up on the side of the street. Me and Téa played Uno until seven, then the runners came by and we started watching the pre-parade. We saw Darth Vadar and his Storm Troopers. When the real thing started, we ate donuts and had frozen blue gatorade. The floats were throwing out candy, and I got a Bobby Lawrence Karate shirt.

My three favorite things about the parade were that all of the Provo missionaries were in the parade, and I thought it was cool. Not long after that, I got to high five 7/10 of all the Studio C cast!!! Me and Téa both LOVE Studio C and were so amazed and practically in heaven. The third thing was that I saw a lot of high school marching bands and I think it would be cool, (but incredibly hot) to be in a marching band.

After the parade ended we all got in our cars and got home at noon. It was a really rad experience and I am glad that Téa invited me and I went.

Seven Peaks

07-july-20142This week has been stressful … with waiting… waiting… and more waiting to hear on the Immersion Active job in Maryland. They were supposed to get back to us the first of the week but didn’t … like at all. To ease tensions and for a distraction, we headed to Seven Peaks after 5 in hopes the crowds would ease. It wasn’t too bad though the lines on the slides were long for Hannah and Abe. We used some of our free food coupons to share some dippin dots ice cream. The 3 littles had fun in the small and medium pool … and on the lazy river with dad. Hannah & Abe liked the water slides. Abe’s favorite was the vortex (nicknamed the toilet bowl). Liza loved the pretend beach/wave pool. It really was a fun family time!

Lego Creations by Abe

07-july-20141Abe has spent hours in his room this summer during quiet time building innovative lego creations. He sure has some creative ideas.

Abe: “I like building big robots for my mini-figures. I like building big creations and getting new sets with cool pieces.”

Now the Day is Over. . . sigh

i have been without a keyboard for a few days (since liza spilled a water squirt bottle on my keyboard. arg!)
I borrowed one from a neighbor (that no one is allowed to touch except me & hannah … if she is indexing)
until my new one arrives.
I bought an knock-off apple keyboard from Amazon for $20 (vs $50 for Apple’s).
Hopefully all the short cut keys will work. Anyhoo…

In other news… this was part of our day … with Abraham.
06 june 201419 copy
I keep telling him to eat fruit and veggies… which he doesn’t like.
But he does like apples.
So I cut one to show him how.
Told him it was super tricky and i wouldn’t recommend him doing it on his own.
He asked again to cut a second apple.
I was tired of telling kids no.
So I didn’t say no.
Wailing Abe coming up the stairs to show me his sliced thumb.
I should have been firm and said NO.
Another ‘Mother of the Year’ Moment. Not!

Wasn’t sure if it was deep enough to require stitches
but because of the location I didn’t want to deal with it popping open every day …
getting infected with all sorts of summer germs.
So we headed to our pediatricians.
She put in 3 stitches… she said it was on the edge of needing them,
but thought the same as I did about popping open and cleanliness, etc.
Abe had a great amount of anxiety about those stitches… but he came out alive.
First stitches for any of the kiddos.

I’m tired and though I was quite ready for the day to be over… oh, about noon… I mean 5 p.m. … I mean yah. uhhhh…
i did hang in there until 8:30 when the 3 littlest tots were in bed.
I love being a mom, but some days are emotionally exhausting.

Gratefully we had some delightful happy MOMENTS this morning when most of the kids slept in.
Then they slowly woke.
Hannah sang “Let it Go” to Ginger the cat who repeated the song in the cutest high-pitched voice…
while Liza danced her little heart out.
Super great happy moment!

Little Liza Ruth

06-june-201420Liza has been pretty nice about me braiding her hair (in her mind she has Elsa or Ana hair). It is so darling all tidy and out of her face. This hair do doesn’t usually last long because she wants it out for her nap or bedtime. A few other things about Liza. About 3 weeks ago she started stuttering. She would stutter ‘Tru, Tru, Tru, Tru – man hit ziza” or something like that. So – mostly stuttering syllables rather than just the beginning letter sound. I thought it happened mostly when she was upset… which is true, but more recently it also happens when she’s excited or just in normal every-day talking. Perhaps this is a normal 2-year-old speech phase as her tongue is trying to catch up with her brain processing or vice versa. But we wanted to note this change in her speech patterns. What else? Potty training. She does awesome when we are away from home. But I think at home she is lazy and goes only when it is convenient. I need to crack down on wearing pull-ups. Sigh… Liza is such a delight in our home … and also has added significantly to the drama factor. Love this Liza Ruth!

Dan’s Family

06-june-201425My brother Dan and his kids were in town visiting Grandma & Grandpa Price on their way to Idaho. We were able to reacquaint cousins, eat mom’s famous & delicious BIG Cinnamon Rolls, and visit for a little bit. It was fun to see them! There certainly was plenty of energy going around with all the active boys and dramatic girls (aka … Liza). The kids practiced their hulla-hooping skills and we were able to see Grandma perform with her heavy hulla-hoop. So cool!
IMG_2622 copy

Father/Daughter Princess Ball

06 june 201424The Lehi Jordan Willows Stake sponsored the Father-Daughter activity days yearly event. It was a Princess Ball. They had refreshments and a 2-hour dance. Hannah had fun seeing her friends from school that she hasn’t seen this summer. Jimmy and Hannah danced a few slow dances. They stayed for most of it and then ran to Walmart to gather some groceries. Sure are cute people, aren’t they!