07-july-201419Miss Hannah, Grandma Price, and I went to Mary Poppins musical at the Hale Centre Theater in West Valley. It was a delightful production! A gal I visit teach, Amy Keeler, was the cover photo for Mary Poppins though she wasn’t in this one. Isn’t she darling! The Theater-in-the-Round was super interesting and the sets were lovely.

07 july 201420Some of the memorable scenes:
– Statues that dance in the park. The silver guy was so tall… doing ballet and all sorts of tricks on that small stage with others around. Incredible skills though slightly made me chuckle with his outfit.
– Butler that had Kramer hair.
– Loved the Step in Time scene for some reason. All sorts of tap dancing going on to the beat. Bert really was great!
– Gorgeous Merry-Go-Round … lots of cheerful colors throughout too.
– So great that FAMILY heals and grows closer together.

Hannah: “I liked the Step In Time scene. I thought the nursery toys were creepy. Overall, I really, really liked it! It was fun to go with grandma and mom.”

8x10 prints

One of my favorite songs was “Anything Can Happen if you Let it”.
“Anything Can Happen” video:

My mom sent this quote by Elder Holland. It goes right along with the dream, believe, work… and move forward… it’s onward and upward THEME!
we must go forward holland

Sibling Love

07-july-201418This happened today … at the same time. Amazing Sibling Love! Hannah & Truman have been “Buddies” since last summer when we went to Seattle. He responds best to her helping, though lately he even fights her. Sigh… Loved watching her play the piano while he watched.

And Abe & Liza… Abe has been making extra efforts to help Eliza. Sometimes she’ll let him. She wanted to dance with me but ended up being okay playing Ring-a-round-the-rosies with Abe. Such Delight on her face! He has been asking to tuck her into bed at night. He does a great job when she’s amiable.

Max was playing my Ipad when all these pictures were taken. Soon enough he’ll have a little brother to buddy-up with!

Happy Colors – Fresh Summer Food

07-july-201417I know – It’s weird to take so many pictures of food. But I’m quite in love with all the fresh fruit/veggie colors this summer.

It’s been a delight (though an expensive delight) to have so much fresh colorful food in the fridge. I’m realizing there is a big difference to eating pure sugar in licorice, etc… vs fruit with fiber. I guess fiber helps the sugars digest more slowly so your glucose numbers stay more level. So fruit has become more of a treat this summer. I want to remember how much I enjoy eating fresh vs processed. Remember – oh, remember Heather! 07 july 201413Plus, it’s kindof fun to experiment with my camera and take pictures of things that stay put . . . vs moving children.

p.s. my blood glucose numbers are sorta high when I eat cereal for breakfast. I keep trying to sneak Cheerios and fruit in for a snack in the evening as my sugars are lower and seem to regulate better. Also… there is some low-carb vanilla ice cream hidden under those peaches. It’s been a tasty treat as well. Oh – the watermelon slushie… just watermelon, ice, and lemon juice. I like it much better than I anticipated.

South Fork Park – Provo Canyon

07-july-201414We headed to the canyon this afternoon to seek out cooler temperatures… and enjoy some s’mores over a fire…. in the mountains. Only – fire restrictions didn’t allow fires. Sigh… So we ate s’mores chilled version (which are quite hard to manage actually). The kids enjoyed exploring in the freezing cold stream. I don’t know that they’ve done that before so it was an adventure. Even Zuzu tried it. I love the picture of Truman helping Liza into the water. Truman found any dog he could to pet at the park. He met Bella… and puppy Pepper who was sleeping. We didn’t stay long but it was a fun get-a-way.07-july-201415

FHE Lessons : Gospel Principles & Preach my Gospel

IMG_3054 copyWe just finished using the Gospel Principles manual for Family Home Evening Lessons. We started on it a few years ago. We didn’t really have any system… we’d use it when we didn’t have another topic/lesson in mind or prepared. There were some times when Jimmy would prepare a lesson from Gospel Principles and I was thinking… “We don’t need a lesson on ‘such & such deep doctrine’, we need a lesson on kindness… or service… or how to sit still for 5 seconds.” BUT … I truly know that this principle taught by Boyd K. Packer is true:
true doctrine understood
I’m really glad Jimmy persevered and finished the lessons in the book. Hannah and Abe especially liked learning new things taught, especially about the second coming of Christ and the millenium. (sidenote: Max keeps telling us that when he prays he faces East because that is where Christ will come again… also the way Moroni faces on the temple. We don’t know where he learned all these things… but he somehow connected them in his mind. Face Mecca? Aaaaaak.)

I have been wanting to do fhe lessons from Preach my Gospel. So, our new curriculum is going to be missionary related. It may take us a few years but I want to go through the teachings in Chapter 3… and the Christlike Attributes in Chapter 6. There are some great doctrines taught!
IMG_3079 copy
Preparing lessons has helped me feel empowered as a parent. Our desire is to have Christ be the center of our home. So often, I feel we are far from that {with all the fighting and tantrums and wiggling and such}. But we can keep trying to bring the Spirit into our home by focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe this!
think of the power missionaries

{p.s. pretend it’s in small print… I can hardly believe I could write this post. I just dealt with the most horrific tantrum from Truman over computer time. I determined I was going to give up and start just letting him do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted… though I know this isn’t quality parenting. I doubt my abilities as a parent. I wonder what Heavenly Father was thinking to place me as a mother of so many strong souls. I know I can’t get discouraged… so I decided to write our FHE Experience with these lessons. I can go on. I will not give up (uhhhh, hopefully). I hope that the teachings we testify of in our home will sink deep into the hearts of each child… that they may be like Enos and remember the words of their parents. I think I’ll go to the temple and seek for that peace the Gospel brings.}

The Bearded Smith Clan

IMG_3023 copy1 cropPaul, John, & Michael. Oh Boys!

Had these Provo-ites over for Sunday dinner. Paul’s wife, Jill is due to have baby #1 in two weeks. We chatted with Julie (and Brielle) in Virginia via Skype and heard the delivery story. Brielle is 4 days old. Cute little babe! The kids love having the Smiths over. Paul won them over by jumping on the tramp with them. He gave them oodles of bounce!

smithTru with John’s glasses. What a character (as Grandma Nelson would say!). We were commenting on how Tru really is a smart kiddo and he started goofing off with the glasses. Oh Truman!

07 july 201412We had Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Kabobs, Yummy Rice, Grilled Brown Sugar Pineapple, Green Salad, Relish Plate, and the tastiest summer treat of all: Mud Pie! Jimmy tried some new grilled potato chips. They were quite delicious! The thinner the better, we’re going to say.

Cecret Lake – Little Cottonwood Canyon

Cecret Lake
Little Cottonwood Canyon
1.5 Miles Roundtrip
360 Ft Elevation Change

IMG_2929 copyFor some reason at about 30 weeks, I feel like hiking. At least with this pregnancy and with Truman & Liza’s. We followed a friend’s recommendation and headed to Cecret {Secret} Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Seeking out cooler temperatures was well worth it. 66 degrees when we got there. 79 when we left.

There was a crowd so we had to wait and take a shuttle up to the trailhead. That was an adventure in and of itself for the kids… riding in a 15 passenger van on a gravel road. Bumpity-bump-bump.
07-12-2014-secret-lake4I think the kids enjoyed themselves… especially Max and Truman. Freedom and rocks and dirt and sticks and streams = heaven to boys. When the going got tough… Hannah imagined the Iron Rod in front of her … hand over hand … helping her up the mountain.
07-12-2014-secret-lake1One of our kids enjoys the road less traveled. It seems he was always on a side path exploring. He seeks out the shady spots to take a little rest. He borrows sticks from the beaver dam. His joy seems full when out of doors. Perhaps he’ll grow up to be a forest ranger.
07-12-2014-secret-lake3Supposedly the trail is .75 miles each way. It was a little more strenuous for this 32-week gestating mother, than i anticipated. Tru flew up the mountain and practically slid, jumped, pulled me down the mountain. I’m amazed he didn’t biff it more. Liza liked the hiking backpack for the majority of the time, but enjoyed jumping off a few tiny rocks when she got to walk. We crossed 4 or 5 streams. Love the sound of rushing water in the mountains.
07-12-2014-secret-lake2One of the hiking theme songs was, “Everything is awesome, when you work as a team!” When holding hands, I’d save Max and Truman for slipping. Max and Hannah and Jimmy steadied my hand and assisted on steeper rock steps. Plus Dad carried Liza in the backpack and Tru on his shoulders every so often. We definitely need each other!

Abe: “It was harder than hiking the Y. Seemed like a random hike to me.”

Hannah: “Well, I really liked it even though it took a long time to wait for the shuttle. And then it took a while to get up to the top where the lake was. But it was worth it and it was really fun.”

Max: “Thanks so much for bringing us here!” “My favorite part was helping people and climbing up rocks. I liked throwing rocks in the lake.”

Truman: “Seeing the squirrel. And seeing the river. Finding rocks and sticks.”

Eliza: “Pink flowers. Throw rocks in ponds.”

How are you feeling?

Perhaps the most common question during pregnancy.
How are you feeling?

There are oodles of answers I could generally give:

Ready for this baby to arrive

Honestly, I rarely feel:


A few weeks ago when I was flying solo-parent at church on a Sunday,
I decided I needed an attitude change from my usual answers.

My new answer:
today i am blessed
Yes… indeed … it is true…
if I think about my reality…

Whenever I’ve shared this answer,
most women have chuckled with me,
knowing I’m focusing on the good
rather than the hard.

My attitude needs some perking up lately.
Yes, Physical Health Issues (pregnancy) + additional stress = It’s harder to see the good.
God gives us so much every day.
Sunshine … rain … cloudy cool days.
Green grass for cartwheels … quiet snowy days.
Deep Rich Soil for gardening … bathtubs to wash dirty kids toes from the dirt.
Cold water … Hot chocolate.
Joyful moments as a family … tender personal moments.
Warm Blankets … Air Conditioning.
Opportunities to Grow … Adventures and Fun.
Chirping Birds … Rollie Pollies.
Days filled with Faith & courage … days of learning.
Challenges to overcome … A Savior to carry us along!

So this is my goal… to remember to focus on the BLESSINGS rather than the hard!

Lessons learned the hard way

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 8.51.47 PM
1. Invest in an apple corer even if you despise the space it takes up in the drawer.
Remember how Abe sliced his thumb cutting an apple. Alright already – I bought an apple corer… much to Jimmy and the kid’s delight. I’m not saying I’m going to use it… but the kids can.

2. Waterproof your keyboard.
Remember like a year ago I spilled hot chocolate on my keyboard and the x wouldn’t work. Remember in the past month when Liza spilled water on the newest keyboard and half the letters didn’t work. I invested in a cheopo Macally keyboard which was $30 cheaper than the Apple one. It supposedly has the shortcuts for a Mac. Anyhoo… I opened it today and I am keeping the plastic cover on it for a while (super annoying but we’ll see if I get used to the waterproof cover). Even though we have a no food/drink rule at the computer, one never knows what can happen with 7 people in the house!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 8.49.34 PM
3. Do it right the first time.
Last year I borrowed the Pettit’s canopy for our snowcone shop. On one of the last snowcone days, the wind blew it right over and it broke. Oops! So I bought her a new one… and us a canopy ($75 deal on Amazon). Well… After using our canopy like 3 times, it is now broken. Grrrr. Totally my fault. We did snowcones yesterday. We were so tired and hot that we left the chairs, table, and canopy set up. I went to rest and though I worried about it blowing over, I wasn’t sure we could get it down with just 2 of us. Anyhoo… I checked outside and there was no wind. Only like 30 minutes later I heard a crash. Wind gust… blown over canopy. Really Heather?! Couldn’t you just have staked it down before snow cones began (even though we were rushed with oodles of kids needing!)? Couldn’t you have had the kids clean up right the first time immediately after snowcones? Then we could have avoided this. Suffice to say, I’m not buying a new canopy. They are like $120 now. Bleh. Lesson learned – alright!

4. Spray that sunscreen!
Yesterday I really was just kicking myself because of the tent and the fact that I didn’t put sunscreen on myself. It was cloudy in the morning and I spent most of the time under the canopy or in the garage with the kids working. But goodness… I have quite the sunburn line on my arms and neck. My face is bright red. Nice.

5. Do not let the kids sunscreen themselves!
I learned my lesson yesterday and made sure we took time to do sunscreen when we went to Seven Peaks this morning. Hannah & Abe sprayed themselves and took care of their faces & backs. Next time this mother will ensure the backs and shoulders get sprayed and rubbed in thoroughly. Ouch! (plus, Abe learned not to spray the Peppermint/Lavender Sunburn Relief Spray in his eyes. Seriously!)

Lessons learned!

“Is this the REAL Temple Square?”

Last minute lunch date with dad @ Temple Square – Church Office Building Cafeteria.
Kid’s love eating there.
I got salad and a chocolate chip macaroon (for my treat.)
Boys got hot dogs, soda, and frozen yogurt.
It’s always fun to see Dad in the middle of the day.
After lunch I took the kids to a few sites.
The Christus. Tru (in awe!): “Is that really Jesus’ voice?”
South Visitor’s Center miniature temple model. Abe had lots of questions.
The old Tabernacle with hard benches. Kids were amazed at how small it was compared to the new conference center.
Joseph Smith Memorial Building – small, medium, large Joseph Smith statues.
Family History Center Children’s Center. Hannah & Abe gathered family history activity papers.
Liza loved the kitchen toys and dolls. The kids played. I rested (one weary mama!).
After getting our picture taken at the wharf at Ellis Island with the Statue of Liberty in the harbor, we headed back to the car under the church office building.
YourPhoto copy copy
We were all super tired and hot. But it was good to see a few new things at Temple Square.
The flowers were lovely. The kids loved the fountains (as always).
We said hello to many smiley sister missionaries.
We met a kind fellow with an English accent who was amazed at us having 5 (nearly 6) kids.
“You’ve got your hands full.”
You got that right buster.
Though I still can’t muster the courage to add “as well as a heart full of love.”