Hand-Food-Mouth … bleh

Let’s see… first part of June Tru and Liza came down with Hand-Foot-Mouth. Tru barfed… had a high fever… didn’t want to eat anything… and was back to himself within 2 days. Liza was doing great and about 12 hours after Tru came down with a fever. She was grouchy for several days. Her feet blisters were more numerous than Truman’s. A few weeks later the blisters started peeling and I realized how many she had on her feet. Boy, how I tried to keep the germs away so the others wouldn’t get it. I do think Max got a touch though he didn’t get blisters. He did come down with a fever for a few days but that’s all. Hand-foot-mouth stinks. I’m so glad I didn’t get it (guess I’ve already had it perhaps!). Glad to have those weeks over with!

Hiking the Y

07-july-2014Jimmy took Hannah and Abe to hike the Y for their first time.

Hannah: “Well, it was a good lesson of perseverance and enduring because it didn’t get too hot, but we got tired. But when we got there it was worth it and it was awesome.”

Abe: “Ummmm, it was fun but hard. Now I can say that I dropped a Cheerio on the Y, squished a bug on the Y, and I hiked the Y.”

Jimmy: “Hannah and Abe did great!”
Y-Mount-Panorama2 copy

Max Learns to ride a 2-wheeler

Mr. Max (6 1/2) has been working on so many skills this summer.
One of those being balancing on a 2-wheel-bike.
Today was the day he caught on.
And boy! look at that smile of glee!
IMG_2526 copy

Adventures with Grandma & Papa Price

While Jimmy is in Maryland, we spent the fhe evening with Grandma & Grandpa Price.06 june 201417 copy
They had so many fun activities planned. Bubbles, football, baseball, merry-go-round @ the park, kite flying, tasty Chik-fil-a and huge cookies, root beer (‘I sure do love this root beer’ said Max about 10 times).06 june 201418 copyI’m sure we wore them out, but the kids had a delightful time with them!

Battle Creek Falls Hike

A hike with a pregnant mama and 5 tots. What an adventure! We weren’t sure where we were headed but ended up at Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove.06 june 201414 copyI carried Liza most of the way as she was a very ‘deliberate’ hiker. Hannah helped out so much with carrying water and then Liza. When the going got rough… we though of scripture heroes who had to do hard things. Mormon & Moroni came to mind… those who had to travel along and hide from the wicked Lamanites. I’m sure they hiked many a mountain to make it to Hill Cumorah. Smile.

06 june 201415 copyWe made it to the first bit of water and then turned around. The clouds on this hike are always so cool. The boys found dust hills, shale rock slides, rocks, and sticks to entertain themselves.

06 june 201416Tru was the dust hill boy. He threw a handful straight into Max’s eye. Boy-howdy! He obviously ended up dirtier than anyone and he didn’t mind a bit.

We ended with a picnic snack on the shaded benches nearby. Overall, a good experience.
Hiking always builds character and helps those with a grouchy spirit learn to appreciate a bit of nature.

Lovely Temple Evening

06 june 201411After our scrumptious waffle dinner, we headed to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple to enjoy the pleasant weather and the shady grounds. The air smelled like flowers. Temples always have the best grass, don’t they! Getting five kids to politely smile for a picture is nearly impossible so I guess we’ll go with the candid shot… with Liza struggling to keep her dress down over her pull-up.

IMG_2331 copy

prepare now temple dalton

Hubba Bubba

06-june-201410We bought some real-live bubble gum a few weeks ago for that desperate car ride when we might need some entertainment. Driving home from the temple seemed a great time to try it out. Those are huge pieces! Next time we’ll remember to split them in half. Max practiced and practiced. He had a real bubble and then it flew out of his mouth. Sigh…Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 9.38.01 PM

Time Lapse Sports Mode

There aren’t many words that would describe these photos better than the very photos themselves…

IMG_2025 copy



Videos of Time Lapse:
(I don’t know how these will work… but I couldn’t get youtube to upload them correctly)
sports mode

sports mode1

sports mode2

sports mode3

Scriptures & Jokes & Prayers

Tonight Truman landed on this verse during family scripture study:
“What mean ye? Ye beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor, saith the Lord God of Hosts.” 2 Nephi 13:15
Luckily he wasn’t really paying attention as he was repeating the words.
Oh Isaiah!
And I’m wondering why my boys think the way they do?

I’ve never really heard 2 year olds tell Jokes.
But Liza does.
Because she’s heard them from siblings.
“Knock, Knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Chicken went fast in the car.”
She thinks it’s the best thing ever to tell and listen to jokes.IMG_1939 copy

The other night we were having family prayer.
Abe and his gas! Seriously! Those Boys!
He started laughing his head off before we’d even started.
Then Max was laughing so hard.
Then everyone was laughing so hard.
Even Liza.
Even Mother (mostly because everyone was laughing so hard)
My goodness… what is a mother to do?!
It made me remember times growing up when even my dad would get the giggles during family prayers!
(If you can imagine that!)

First Summer-Break Swim

IMG_1913Doesn’t this picture make you laugh! Tru’s leg? huh? Abe took his goggles apart and put on one eye patch. Liza and her goggles! Hannah’s darling swimsuit!

I feel like I’ve spent most of summer break at doctor’s appointments or the dentist/doctor for the kids. Hannah has spent hours babysitting the tots. After my dentist appointment (1 cavity – argh!), we played outside, did a chore or two, ate lunch… and headed to the Legacy Center to make the 1 p.m. public swim hours open time. We met a long line inside. More crowds. It seems all venues in Utah are crowded with moms and kids and more kids. Such is life.

Compared to yesterday’s zoo outing, the kids did FANTASTIC! I told them that if they behaved and were kind (no whining, fighting, shoving, spitting, etc), we could do more fun outings like swimming or Provo Big Hill or Seven Peaks. They were all so excited to go swimming that they did well.

Tru is a little fish in the water and would probably wander off on his own and have a delightful time. We kept him close and definitely in sight. I had a hard time keeping track of 5 kids… even though I usually had 2 with me… and Max stayed with Hannah & Abe. After an hour, the kids were ready to head home due to the crowded pool.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.
Snacks… drinks… and a great quiet time
(isn’t it great that swimming gets all our energy out).

Jimmy came home at the end of our naps (snore… said this mama).
Dinner & a family walk to the park.
We love having the trails to explore.
Only problem = mosquitos!
aaaaaak – run!

IMG_1794p.s. I tried a baked sweet potato & this salmon for supper. It was so-so. I think I prefer salmon from a restaurant so I don’t have to worry about cooking it the right amount of time… plus the smell in our home. Liza & Abe about passed out from the smell. But I told Liza it was like ‘big chicken’ and she had so many bites. She spit out the sweet potato but liked the salmon. Hannah even gave it a try. Maybe I’ll try grilling the salmon next time so it doesn’t smell in the house.  I did like the portion size… a restaurant size fillet is always too much fishy-ness for me.  Anyhoo… I feel very adventurous to try fish!