Hannah’s a Teen!

It’s true… we now have an official teenager in our family. Hannah celebrated her 13th birthday here in Texas. A few friends and teachers at school knew it was her birthday and made it fun for her. Her orchestra class even played Happy Birthday for her!

Girl’s athletics seems to be one of her favorite classes because it is an environment to get to know the girls. Plus, they are nice. Hannah has been super brave through this transition of moving to Texas. We’ve had some tearful times, but she has done well making efforts to be positive. The young women in the ward have been very welcoming. She has lunch with Sage but most of the other girls in the ward are on a different lunch schedule.

Hannah is playing the violin in orchestra and seems to be learning it quickly. I enjoy hearing her practice. The littles love when she helps them play it. She is a music natural and evidenced in her piano skills. Hannah is also in an art class and has learned quickly to learn about self portraits. I’m amazed at how well she draws eyes, noses and lips. What a girl!

Hannah is a delight in our family. She helps us laugh and smile and have fun together. We joke that the only thing she has to work on is humility, because she really is just so fantastic.

Love you Hannah girl.

oh – the birthday… oops. Early day… left at 7… got to school by 8. Waited around until her school started at 8:45. School. Drive 40 minutes home. Arrive at 4:30. Dinner date with dad to a real steak place “outback”. Birthday celebration with the fam.

Presents. Especially meaningful present from Abe who wrote a fantastic poem for her. It made us all smile. She also got a charm bracelet with meaningful charms from Grandma Price. New Scripture tote in mint and yellow. Michael Vey book #5 that just came out. Some girly polish and candy, etc.


Cake: Hannah saw an icecream bar cake on pinterest so she put that together nicely. Icecream bars, cool whip, and crushed oreos on top. We light a match we had for a sad-sorry candle… that Eliza blew out! Take 2 for Hannah.

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