October 23, 2015 …
Jimmy started his new job at Hilti as Digital Marketing Analyst this week. We are in awe at all the blessings we’ve received the past few months especially… knowing that miracle after miracle have occurred in our lives.TE 70

Hilti Corporation (Hilti Aktiengesellschaft or Hilti AG, also known as Hilti Group) is a Liechtenstein-based company that develops, manufactures, and markets products for the construction, building maintenance, and mining industries, primarily to the professional end-user. It concentrates primarily on anchoring systems, hammer drills, firestops, and installation systems, but manufactures and markets an array of tools (including cordless electric drills, heavy angle drills, laser levels, power saws, and fasteners). Hilti, a registered trademark of the various Hilti corporate entities, is the family name of the company’s founders.

After losing his job with the stinkers at the company that will not be named, we were a bit devastated. We knew things would work out eventually but we wondered how long we would endure this trial. Our hope was that this was a necessary step to lead us to the best place for our family. Soon after parting ways with those who lacked integrity at his job, he was searching for the top companies to work at on the Forbes list. Hilti was on that list so he decided to apply. Behold… a job in his alley was available. He applied and received a call when we were in Maryland for Christine’s wedding the next week. The process took a month or so, but this job panned out. Who ever gets a random job without having any personal connections there. See… miracle!

We decided to move as quickly as possible and then list our home. Last minute we decided we needed to list our home before our home-finding trip so we could put an offer on a house. This meant 2-3 weeks of hectic decluttering, garage sale, home staging, cleaning. It was wild and tiring. But fulfilling too. It’s obviously something I’ve been trying to do for years. Yes, years!

I immediately was drawn to the home on Grandview in Texas… though it was far away from Jimmy’s work. It had the best of both our lists. In a neighborhood… on more than 1/2 acre. Close to good schools. Happened to have a swimming pool… which was both a positive and negative on my list. We looked at 12+ homes and decided to try an offer on that house. After a few days of ups and downs, we settled on a price and date to close. Yay! Miracle that we found a house we agreed on! Really…

Now we had to sell the Oak Crest home in less than 21 days or our funding wouldn’t go through. Home listed… and super tidy and clean (thanks to emalissa!). Open House date arrives and Heather is super sick and doesn’t get to finalize all those pleasant final touches. Neighbors are helpful. We receive a full-price offer that afternoon… after one showing. Miracle.

I’m sure I’ve gone over all this before.. but just for the record… in case.

Packers arrive the next week and do the entire home in 7 hours. Way fast… but we’ll see how many things are damaged when we unpack. They are having to load and unload all our stuff so many times to get on trucks and in warehouses and in storage.

Home is cleaned out thanks to Jimmy’s diligent work of taking care of the plentiful odds and ends. He works so hard for our family. I try to work hard. Sigh…

Off we head to a hotel on October 14. Hannah has YW in Excellence and Abe spends the night at Jacob’s as a last hurrah! Thursday the 15th we start our 21 hour drive to Texas. It’s long and we’re saddle sore. But we had fantastic hotels (thanks jimmy!) with lots of helpful people who got Scotty milk in the middle of the night. Drive went smoothly until Max threw up. But even then… we had a barf bucket and things worked out. Then mom threw up. Gross… We arrived in Texas!

Temporary Housing is great. Couldn’t ask for better… not perfect…not the home we are used to…but the best one could ask for. Seriously. So many people have helped make this move possible. They had everything all set up and ready for us to live here… from towels, to silverware, to soap, to bedding even for Scotty. So grateful for this blessing.

Church on Sunday (ok, so it’s so interesting how so many Christians are so amazed that we’ve already been to church. They assumed we’d have to shop around for a congregation. Nope. We are Mormons and we know right where to go! Love that!)

School on Monday. Oh, the anxiety of the kids. But they each did great. So many were so kind and helpful and welcoming. We have a long drive every day… 40 minutes each way… x4. That’s a doozy. And we’ll be so grateful to close on our home… November 20… 10 days earlier than our original date. So glad!

October 29, 2015… … Never did finish my thoughts on this one, but I’m going to publish anyways. I’ve felt so grateful for all those at Hilti and the relocation company who helped things go smoothly for us. Their generosity is humbling. But most of all, I recognize God as the one who has blessed us through it all. We’ve had a million hard things that make me feel so stressed … but 2 million blessings that bring us through. Thank you God for carrying us in so many ways.

p.s. Jimmy has worked for Hilti for 2 weeks now. So many good people. So many have invited him to lunch. Many international employees. He’s enjoying it and appreciates his boss.

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