The LIGHT is there … look for it.

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Last week I ran away to the temple (don’t worry… Jimmy was with the kidlets and was fully supportive of me leaving).
I needed the peace & quiet found there.
I needed the time to think straight and receive some inspiration of how to best mother these little ones
(particularly the one who hasn’t been sleeping, etc).
The mountains and the light of the temple were inviting.
It was a breath of fresh air to have solitude.

After the session and while sitting in the celestial room, I rested my head on the back of the chair and looked up. I prayed for inspiration to know how to have emotional and spiritual strength to know how to mother… to know what support Jimmy and I can give each of our children with their very specific physical, mental, and emotional needs. We feel overwhelmed with the chaos of life with 6 kids.
The answer came as I looked at the amazing chandelier and side lights…
There is so much light here.
There is ALWAYS light somewhere.
Where LIGHT is … darkness cannot be.
LOOK for the LIGHT.
Fill your life with LIGHT
through the word of God … and prayer.
god is light
Not that the challenges will dissipate.
But that by my seeing the LIGHT and the good in each child,
God will help me focus on those qualities for a more eternal perspective.

Everyone has hard things.
But focusing on the LIGHT – seeing the positive,
brings us closer to God
so that we might receive more LIGHT & revelation
to know how to battle the challenges with Christ’s help.
light groweth brighter

and now I will thus prayer for the help i need to SEE the LIGHT.
for this past week my emotions have been on high alert … grouchy mother alert.
ummm yah, sorry about that fam!
It’s onward and upward from here!

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