We saw the Sun!

Jimmy had a great idea to take a quickie trip to St. George to feel some warmer temps, get outside, see the sun, visit my parents, etc. Ok – I’m game!

We stayed in the Hide & Seek House in Cedar with Bucky & Carla Thompson. We heard all sorts of fantastic family history stories from Bucky. The kids played hide-n-seek & air hockey.

Next, onto St. George. For some reason the sun was elusive for most of the day. The clouds were a bit gray and it was a little chilly in Snow Canyon.

Do you see the storm trooper?
IMG_7639 copy

Going up … i love the details of the red rock. So many crevices, caves, waves, shapes…
IMG_7662 copy1

Getting higher…
IMG_7664 copy

At the top-ish… (don’t worry – we left little Liza & Scotty with my parents in Big Beastie Van)
IMG_7667 copy

Going down… a long way down…
IMG_7668 copy

We heart hiking… plus, we love searching for heart rocks and moss hearts… Even the boys look for them to show me. Be still my heart!
IMG_7669 copy

IMG_7677 copy1

IMG_7678 copy

We got to see my parents for a few hours. Yay! The kiddos love Grandma & Grandpa’s! We tried out their new swimming pool at the new place where they are building their home. It was grand. Don’t kids just adore swimming! The sun came out and warmed our hearts and bodies! We drove by mom & dad’s lot. They have a great view of Snow Canyon and the lovely St. George Red Rocks. We’ll be excited to see the home building progress. Plus, we always love to give and receive hugs from parents.
IMG_7683 copy

The drive home was nice. The kids were tired and mostly quiet. Tru napped. Liza napped. The boys read. Hannah read and helped with Scotty. I slept and probably snored my lungs out (sorry guys). Beastie was good to us. The weather/roads were clear. Taking a break from regular life, even for 28 hours, is a good, good thing to do.

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